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Rug Services Reviews

Rated 5 Out of 5 315 Reviews on the web

Rug Cleaning And Fixing (One A Handmade Chobi)
"Joe helped me with advice on what to do with my afghan chobi that had some damage from my dog. He did a great job to fix it and clean it very quickly. As a result I came back with another rug for cleaning. "
Marius from Toronto 5/ 5

Rug Cleaning
"I had 5 Persian rugs that needed to be washed. Very happy with the outcome and service. Excellent service received. Well done. My rugs are perfectly clean. I?m very happy with the service I?ve received. "
Private User in Toronto 5/ 5

Cleaned Twice, Paid Once
"We bought a carpet off Kijiji, which had been advertised as "very clean". When we picked it up at the seller's house it turned out to be so dirty that we needed to take it straight to Joe's for cleaning. Joe confessed to us afterwards that it was so disgustingly dirty that he had to clean it twice (at no extra charge) in order to make it again presentable. Well, the result was amazing and we now have a beautiful carpet in our living room.? "
STB in York 5/ 5

Persian Carpet Cleaning
"I have used them before for all my carpets. They did a great job on a timely basis. People are very friendly and helpful. I have and would again recommend them "
Private User in Toronto 5/ 5

Great Service
"I was extremely pleased with the professionalism of this organization and they way they explained my options to me. They picked up all the rugs and delivered them back to me on a timely manner. "
Arsalan in York 5/ 5

Rugs Cleaning, North York At Finch
"I had 6 rugs for cleaning. I'm very happy with the job that was done. For reasonable price my rugs were cleaned and protected. I olready recommended this company to some of my friends. "
Mira in York 5/ 5

Persian Rug Cleaning And Restoration
"Very satisfied with an excellent job cleaning, deodorizing and restoring my wool and silk Nain rug. The staff were very knowledgeable and helpful. The carpet looked like new. I will definitely use their services in the future. Thanks! "
cranbrooke in Richmond Hill 5/ 5

Moth Treatment
"I had 2 rugs in storage that had a moth infestation. Joe cleaned and did a moth treatment to kill any remaining eggs. One rug had some paint splatters and a stain that he was able to remove. Very satisfied with the results and turn around time. "
LB in Toronto 5/ 5

Great Service For Rug Cleaning!
"Great service and such friendly people. Highly recommended! IF you need rug cleaning services for expensive and quality rugs these guys know there stuff and are super helpful. I am definitely going back for any further rug cleaning needs. "
theoddisee in York 5/ 5

Carpet Cleaning
"Joe was most helpful in removing the stain from my silk Persian Rug. *The stain was courtesy of the family dog. My carpet does look new again. Joe's also very knowledgeable when it comes to sharing information about how best to maintain these carpets. "
Carla Schreiber from Toronto 5/ 5

Carpet Cleaning
"I had my carpet cleaned with this company & it looks brand new. All stains were removed & carpet was cleaned perfectly. Smells & looks new. I?ll definitely be using this company again for other carpets. "
Private User in Toronto 5/ 5

Persian Rug Cleaning And Repair
"I live on the 3rd floor of an apartment with a Flat Roof and in the last Storm my apartment was flooded in 2-3 inches of water from my bedroom to my kitchen. My superintendent had to move the Persian Rug onto the balcony (which use to belong to my Grandmother so it meant a lot to me. I was very upset and called Fresh and Clean the next day at 6:30pm (on a Friday night expecting a machine but they answered the phone! WOW I was impressed! ) after I spoke the owner of the building who agreed to pay for the cleaning of the rug. They picked it up That Night! When I got the rug back it looked good as new! Very Happy Customer! "
sjmilberg in Richmond Hill 5/ 5

Cleaning Rug
"Very efficient professional service very happy with the work they done my Persian rug looks like brand new rug good price and fast service I will definitely recommend their services "
Roxy in York 5/ 5

Rug Cleaning
"Great service provided by the company. The rug that i left to be cleaned is basically brand new again. Friendly and professional staff. For sure i would recommend, as well as, recommend this one. "
Adilson MA in North YorK 5/ 5

Carpet Cleaning And Repair
"From our first inquiry, we were pleased with the attention paid to our needs. We had several small carpets and one larger one cleaned and three were repaired with the addition of new fringe. The restored carpets look great in our home. The service we received was friendly and efficient, We would recommend this company to others! "
Sue B. in York 5/ 5

Carpet Cleaning
"I received great service. I'd also highly recommend to all friends and family. Pick up and drop off schedule was flexible and convenient. The prices are fair and worth every penny. "
Private User in Toronto 5/ 5

Rug Cleaning
"Great service provided by the company. The rug that i left to be cleaned is basically brand new again. Friendly and professional staff. For sure i would recommend, as well as, recommend this one."
Adilson MA in North York 5/ 5

Carpet Cleaning And Repair
"From our first inquiry, we were pleased with the attention paid to our needs. We had several small carpets and one larger one cleaned and three were repaired with the addition of new fringe. The restored carpets look great in our home. The service we received was friendly and efficient, We would recommend this company to others!"
Sue B. in York Area 5/ 5

Excellent Service
"Excellent customer service very responsive and punctual on pickup and delivery, highly recommended. Mr. Mahdavi provided a great service, the carpets cleaned properly and with good care within reasonable timeline."
Horashio in York Area 5/ 5

Pleased With Result
"Persian rug services did a great job with my 2 handmade wool carpets. The service takes about a week, and the price was competitive. The carpets were well cleaned and the original colours were restored. I would recommend them! Excellent service by the owners"
Cathy, Ancaster in York 5/ 5

Mr. Clean
"You can count on Joe to get the cleaning done. His knowledge about the carpets and the cleaning required is excellent. Prices are competitive too. We had many persian and chinese carpets cleaned from our house and the came back like new! "
Colin in York Area 5/ 5

Rug Cleaning And Repair
"I'm very happy with Persian Rug Specialist. Joe is very responsive, polite and professional. I initially wanted to only wash my rugs. Joe provided me with a quote and came to pick up my rugs very quickly. As soon as he saw them, even though there were rolled up, he knew the type and value of my rugs. He pointed that the endings are damaged and they need to be repaired. He gave me several options and I decided to repair them after wash. He returned them to me and I was so happy with their job that I asked him to do the same on my bigger, more valuable Persian rug. Joe genuinely cares about good quality rugs. I definitely recommend Persian Rug Specialist for both cleaning and repair."
Samira in Toronto 5/ 5

Rug Cleaning & Repair
"Great customer service. I was happy with the way the rugs were repaired and cleaned. It was a bit expensive though. that's the only issue. overall I was happy with the service I got"
Sima in York Area 5/ 5

Rug Cleaning And Repair
"Joe was super helpful when it came to cleaning and repair my carpet. We noticed some thin spots in the wool and he was more then helpful to give me a background on the rug and do a full repair and cleaning at an amazing price."
Farzin in Toronto 5/ 5

Persian Carpet Cleaning And Repair
"Excellent professional service and workmanship. The cleaning and repair took exactly two weeks and was on schedule. I would use the company again for any future cleaning or repairs for Persian carpets that we own."
B. Hargrave in York 5/ 5

Rugs Cleaning
"Persian Rug Specialist were extremely knowledgeable and helpful when cleaning my Persian rugs. They quickly assessed potential moth problems and offered cost effective solutions. Also, when I was not able to pick up my rug, they delivered it for me quickly"
Nima Contracting in Toronto 5/ 5

Cleaning And Repairing Silk Rug
"we have been using them in past few years and was dealing with this company and also they done excellent job. and perfecting on time and deliveries. we highly recommending them to others. thank you very much Joe"
121212 in York Area 5/ 5

Excellent Service
"Excellent cleaning of my Persian rug. Friendly and professional. All completed within the time we agreed upon. I will recommend this company to my friends. Thank you very much Joe and Sheila. "
Private User 5/ 5

Rugs Washed And Repaired
"I brought 2 rugs that needed cleaning and one required repair as well. Their service was extremely professional and beyond my expectation. I had a hand made rug washed at another location before which caused a significant damage beyond repair. So, I was nervous about having the same experience; but, the owner at the Persian Rug Services assured me that no damage will be done to the rug and he delivered on his promise. Overall, I'm very happy and satisfied with their service and wholeheartedly recommend this place."
Paul Murphy in Mississauga 5/ 5

Carpet Repair And Cleaning
"Very prompt and reliable. They really know their stuff. They have done a number of jobs for us over the years and we have always been happy with the quality of their work."
Forever in Pickering 5/ 5 Amazing Service
"Joe did such a great job with our rugs. He made our 25 year old rugs look brand new! He delivered the sparkling rugs right to our door. We will definitely be repeat customers. "
hovojan in Toronto 5/ 5

Hand Woven Rug Cleaning
"We had not cleaned our hand woven rug cleaned in over 20 years. Persian Rug Specialist did a great job, the rug looks brand new. The work was completed on schedule and the price was very competitive. I would definitely recommend them to my friends."
Lou in Toronto 5/ 5

Tea & Milk Stain
"Persian Rug Specialists removed an ugly tea stain from my carpet - I was not sure I'd be able to continue to use this carpet which has been making my study cost for many a year."
Private User 5/ 5

Rug Service
"Fast pick up & delivery and very professional service have been done on my Persian Rug!!!! My rug is really clean and they are able to remove all stains on the rug!!!"
N vaghti in Toronto 5/ 5

Rug Cleaning And Restoration
"We took our rug in for cleaning as well we got the trim replaced. It turned out like a brand new rug. We were very pleased and would highly recommend this service. I will be taking my mothers rug in soon. Joe is a professional and offers a fast friendly service. Thank you so much."
Pedram from Toronto 5/ 5

Wool & Wool/Silk Mix Rug Cleaning
"Mr. Mahdavi not only picked up and delivered our 5 rugs back in half the time we were told to expect, but they came back looking as good as new - shiny and soft to the touch. They had been long overdue for cleaning. We also really learned a great deal about them from his explanations for some of the patterning and could have listened to him talk about them for ages. Would highly recommend this very professional, knowledgeable and efficient service and will definitely use this company again. "
Private User 5/ 5

Carpet Cleaning
"price was good, for very good, prompt service carpet came out perfectly, polite service, I would recommend them to anyone. I will likely use them again for another carpet I have come springtime. "
jm in Toronto 5/ 5

Excellent Service
"I had 6 small rugs for cleaning and repair of fringes and stitch lock. After I requested an extra fringes repair of one rug free home delivery service was provided. "
Private User 5/ 5

Great Worked With Carpet Cleaning
"This is the second time in the last few years that have used their services. There on time and pay great attention to details. I highly recommend them. Thanks for a great job guys. "
sam 5/ 5

"Dear Persian Rug Specialist I am really tankful of your service for cleaning my carpet. Your services are the best in Toronto. Wish you the best Fariba "
Private User 5/ 5

Excellent Rug Cleaning Services
"I am very happy with the service that I received for my rugs. Everything was completed in a timely manner. The staff provided me with suggestions and helpful offers. I would highly recommend this company."
Habibi in Toronto 5/ 5

Persian Rug Cleaning
"I had a wonderful experience with this company. They did such a great job cleaning and repairing our Persian rug. They are very thorough and put so much attention to detail. I highly recommend and trust this business!!!"
Marie in San Francisco 5/ 5

Rug Cleaning 5 Star
"I have used Persian Rug on two occasions and found their service to be exceptional. Joe Mahdavi has gone out of his way to give us courteous and personal service . Cost of service was very competitive and quality of work excellent . I will continue use this company in the future. "
Private User 5/ 5

Repairs To Old Persian Runner
"We had large moths who ate many large holes on an old runner from Damascus. The damage to the runner was repaired. Can't see them when you kneel on the runner. "
Private User 5/ 5

Superior Rug Cleaning
"Pick up service was great. Affordable rates and timely service. They delivered as expected and rugs looked brand new! I would definitely recommend to anyone looking for quality rug cleaning!"
Private User 5/ 5

Professional And Expert Service
"Mr. Mahdavi is an expert in Persian rugs and knows exactly how the right treatment to rejuvenate our rugs. Very happy with the results. You can trust him with your high-end rugs. Highly recommend him."
Archer 5/ 5

Carpet Cleaning
"Punctuality, sense of humor and professionalism are characteristics of Joe. Thanks Joe for cleaning my carpet in a way that no body could. I recommend him to everybody who want to have clean carpets."
Hamid in Toronto 5/ 5

"They are very kind, responsible, on time and fair -minded. I highly recommended them. I worked with them 3 times during last year. it was my pleasure that I recommened them."
Mehri in Thornhill 5/ 5

Carpet Cleaning And Repairs
"They came to my office and laid out the carpets and provided a full evaluation and accurate final estimate. Then took them away , cleaned and delivered to two locations. Great friendly communications throughout. I was very very pleased with the knowledge and professionalism and the level of service."
Private User 5/ 5

Very Professional And Great Customer Service
"I needed cleaning for two of my handmade carpets. He came to my place and I am pleased when I noticed, he knows even the origin of the carpets. He's very knowledgeable and gave me good advices on one of my carpets. Free pick ups and on time delivery after cleaning the carpets. Highly recommending this company. "
Private User 5/ 5

Persian Carpet Cleaning And Repair- High Quality And Affordable
"We have an old Persian carpet that had mold all over it. Persian Rug Specialist team did an amazing job in cleaning our carpet at a great cost. Joe, the owner, also gave me a very good discount for fixing the two ends of the carpet. In two weeks, our carpet was delivered to our home at no cost (we live in Oakville and that was super convenient). Joe was very professional and courteous. It was a great experience for me. I would definitely recommend the store to anyone who is looking for a high. "
Private User 5/ 5

Persian Rug Cleaning And Re-Fringing
"Persian Rug Specialist did a great job with cleaning and re-fringing an old Persian rug that I inherited from my beloved mom. I wish she could see how beautiful her rug looks now. Thank you Joe."
MiceFreak 5/ 5

Washing Rugs
"I am very happy with there service. They were on time for picking up and drop off . They did a good job and I will use them again in future."
FARIBA in Newmarket 5/ 5

Kashan Persian Rugs Cleaned
"Twice I sent my Persian rugs to them for cleaning and washing honestly I really suggest you to do business them. They very loyal, honest and do their job by passion and dignity. I am very happy with their service, they are on time. I already suggested them to my family and they noticed the same things as well. Thank you to Persian rug people who bring comfort and cleaning to our homes."
Mojgan in Toronto

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